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HYD Korean

Kkot Boda Namja,also known as Boys Over Flowers in English,is the third live version of Yoko Kamio's popular manga.
Consisting of 25 episodes,the story veers abit from the actual manga,giving a fresh new take to the story..

Boys Over Flowers is about Geum JanDi ,an average high school student. The Geum family owns a dry cleaning store near the prestigious Shin Hwa High School.
JanDi gets a scholarship to enter the school when she saved one of the students while delivering his dry cleaned uniform.

While there,she encounters the infamous F4 ,the four wealthiest most popular boys.
The four boys,Goo JoonPyo, Yoon JiHoo, So YiJung and Song WooBIn are known to cause trouble to those who dare to speak out against them.

As the story progressed, she begins to like one of them -- Ji-hoo, but also discovers that the leader of the group, Joon-pyo, is falling for her.
The series revolves around this love triangle and how it gets resolved.